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the 'constitutive outside' -- refs?

i'm in search of references to the notion of the 'constitutive outside' -- meaning: that the object is formed by that which it is not, by its environs, by its negative, by its outside, in construction, in opposition, etc. -- i think it is used by foucault, derrida, lacan, butler (all those who tarry with the negative) -- anyone know of any specific references, books, articles, etc? thanks! monk --


Ernesto Laclau, “Subject of Politics, Politics of the Subject,” differences 7:1 (1995), p151.


i just printed it off and will read it this weekend -- but i know that butler does a bit of her mourning/melancholia riff around the issue of the constitutive outside (or loss) -- where is that? a collection? -- and derrida MUST discuss it somewhere... and lacan... scarby? (by the way: i'm sending it off very soon, arrival (in inbox) imminent!)
If you find where Butler uses this / works with this, please let me know, because I would be interested in reading the material...


there is a chapter in "the psychic life of power" (chpt 5, i believe) entitled something to the effect of "gender melancholy / refused identification" which i think is the essay -- originally published in a journal called "pschoanalytic dialolgues" back in 1995. anyway, i haven't been able to get to the butler to see if it's helpful because the library has "lost" (i know!) its copy and my copy is packed away in storage...

so i might just pretend i've read it and pretend to write about it.

let's pretend this helps.


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Thank you!

(If it would be helpful, I could perhaps pretend to get a copy of the article, pretend to scan and convert it into .PDF format, and then pretend to upload it so that you'd have access. If yes, let me know...)


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let's make pretend! that'd be awesome!

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I just fictitiously requested a copy through my school's ILL.

Hopefully they will get it soon.

Mo(u)rning, I agree. ;)


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sweet illin' with the ill -- coolio, yo.


Your own personal Butler, Sir?

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thank you, madam! i feel like TIHC is offering its own personal concierge service. i'm finally movin' on up.


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We are high-class here, Sir. It's all very-exclusive. Red-carpet only.

Your own private jet, however, comes later in the game.


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And, of course, you are very welcome.