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polymexina in theoryishotcrew

:D here's my list.

1. The Methodology of the Oppressed by Chela Sandoval
2. Soul Talk by Gloria Akasha Hull
3. Culture and Truth by Renato Rosaldo
4. Thirdspace by Edward Soja
5. Homo Ludens by Huizinga
6. Tales of Dark Skinned Women by Gargi Bhattacharyya
7. In Other Worlds by Spivak
8. Queer Phenomenology by Sara Ahmed
9. "A Cyborg Manifesto" by Donna Haraway
10. "Situated Knowledges" by Donna Haraway

:braces self:



Late to the game

I haven't read any of these, so my question is a bit different.

One claim that people tend to make about theory is that it can change how we think about something. Is this is the case for you, with these works on your list? Using any work/group of works on your list, please explain how they changed your mind about some issue. What was your position on Issue X before reading the work(s), what was that position based on, and what was so compelling about the work(s) that you changed your position?