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Can I just substitute an interpretive dance in place of a list?

Although I am generally of the opinion that I would never be a member of a club that would have someone like me as a member, I decided to give this a try.

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  1. "Foucault" in "Dictionnaire des philosophes" 1984, - Maurice Florence


  1. Distinction - Bourdieu


  1. El Laberinto de la Soledad - Paz


  1. The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life - Goffman


  1. Borderlands/La Frontera - Anzaldua


  1. The Interpretation of Cultures  - Geertz


  1. Aberrations in Black - Ferguson


  1. Ain't I a Woman  - bell hooks


  1. Giving an Account of Oneself - Butler


  1. Selections from the Prison Notebooks - Gramsci

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"I don' the Gramsci" = I don't have the Gramsci,

My discourse is breaking down. The above answer is bare bones. I am going to take a break. May not be able to respond for the rest of the day, but will get to remaining questions/responses by tomorrow afternoon.
Go ahead and take a break. I actually found the section of the Gramsci you talk about here while I was cleaning my office files. It is in a reader I had from undergrad. Maybe I'll have time to glance at it later.
Darn, I was hoping it was supposed to say "I accidentally the Gramsci."