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max_ambiguity in theoryishotcrew

Free Theory

     Not only is it free, but it's French

French Theory Today--An Introduction to Possible Futures
proposed by Alexander Galloway

A seminar covering five philosophers over five days. Looking beyond the influential generation of 1960s and '70s French theory, we explore a number of younger voices only now being discovered by the English-speaking world. Our goal is not to set in aspic a new canon for French philosophy, but rather to proceed inductively, tracing some recent experiments and possible futures. Short readings will be circulated for each session. Attend each day or just the days you wish. Free and open to everyone.

For those not in New York, Galloway has posted the mp3 of yesterday's seminar online here.


in aspic? That is an odd expression, surely.

How was the first lecture? I'm sure my spoken French would never keep up with philosophy.
I guess it might be unusual, but I understood what he meant easily enough. I just got through the first lecture, but I couldn't summarize it yet. That's partly because I was reading student notes simultaneously, and the material requires complete attention. It's done in English, so no need to worry about your French.
what does in aspic mean? Jello shot cannon? I'm confused.
It's like when you say something doesn't "gel." Gelatins fix things in place. He doesn't want to create a rigid new canon of French theory.
they also jiggle when shaken. I gathered that he didn't want to create a new canon (assuming he could, if he tried), but I wondered at the way he said it, because the image was comic.
A jiggly canon is an apt metaphor to me. There has rarely been one truly set in stone.
well, a canon is already a metaphor, so setting your ruler in meat juice jello seems comic to me.
What's wrong with being comic?
nothing, assuming it was intentional
Do you want me to ask him?
sure, why not? Not that it matters, of course, it just seemed on odd expression.