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Prepare to be deconstructed...

Theory is Hot...

Theory is Hot.
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"Develop theory so as not to fall behind in life." -Lenin

"The main theoretical interest of literary theory consists of the impossibility of its definition." -Paul de Man

The theoryishotcrew is a closed-discussion community. If you'd like to be a member, read about the application process below. If you don't want to apply, please feel free to watch, but DO NOT comment on posts.

Here is a little about who we are, what we want, and what you need to do to be one of us.

"La théorie n'existe pas. So how can you rate something that does not exist? We are not here to answer your epistomological questions; we assume you read Camus in high school. We refuse
to be held back by silly trifles such as existence. We will rate whatever it is you chose to call "theory." But be prepared, poldyb (or anyone else) might ask you stupid questions.

Bad behavior of any sort will probably be ignored. But on occasion one of the moderators may get out her whip.

Ooooh, smart women with whips -- excuse me, I must be alone for a while..." -poldyb

"There's a thin line between being a theory head and giving theory head; we prefer that line not be crossed." -perline_e_vino

"[I]t would be hard for me to become dictator if I don't get past the application process." kataplexis

"[S]he's a good egg. But I am still waiting for confirmation that they did more than trip and fall in the self-help section of the book store and land in theology." knut_hamson

"Why do I sense that the rooster is where theory and praxis merge on some continuum of identity and desire?" -k_navit

On Piers Plowman"I've had more lucid textual experiences with a can of Italian wedding soup." -cheshcat

"That tingling you feel? Synthetic a priori. *flex*" -epistolarysmack

"It's my fault for bringing up premature rejection. Everyone had poorly executed sex on their minds, I fear." -max_ambiguity

"Apparently, we can resignify anything these days..." -kataplexis

"...the grab bag of Greats cannot penetrate my think skull." -poldyb

"The applicant is more incoherent than a sleazy crack-whore after a 2-week binge." -pauldeman2pt0

"Nobody gets to diss on both my favorite Jacques and my favorite cock without getting me angry." -knut_hamson

There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something more bizarrely inexplicable...There is another theory which states that this has already happened.--Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

We want people who engage with theory regularly, who have a real interest in expanding their readings, and who can contribute outside of their comfort zone. We all want to learn something here and to include people who can participate meaningfully. If you are an undergrad and think that presenting a list of articles you read in a class or two is going to make the cut, try again. A few semesters of experience will not help you. But you are welcome to watch and use this as a learning space if you like though not all posts are public. This community is very active and we expect members voted in to be active. If you are voted in but are not active, you will be asked to leave. Vacations and temporary hiatus are fine as long as we know you won't be around. The application process will give you an idea of how active we are. If it is too much for you to handle in a week, then we probably are not the place for you.

If you do not feel like applying but would like to instead use this as a forum for expanding your theory horizons, please sign up to watch. Posts containing discussions of theoretical texts will be public for your viewing pleasure. But please, if you watch, you may not comment or post. If you do, you will be banned.


If you are interested in becoming a member of this community, you must do the following:

1. Join the community (ie - click on the link above). [Note: membership will not be granted until you have been approved, but you must apply before you post your list of books. If you post your list prior to applying, your list will be deleted and your request for membership denied.]

2. Post a list of your top ten theoretical texts of all time ("texts" can be defined as you will so long as you are prepared to defend a "non-conventional" choice like a film or work of art). To do this without being a member, click on the little pencil at the top of the info page here. Be sure to make your post PUBLIC (not "friends only," etc.) and to PUT YOUR LIST OF TEXTS BEHIND AN LJ-CUT. The criteria for choice and inclusion of works is not clear. We prefer it that way. It gives us scope to challenge and discuss. Your candidacy is not necessarily made or broken by your list, but by the discussion that follows. However, some general thoughts: if you include anthologies be prepared to defend the anthology as a whole. If you wish to avoid this, please list instead an essay you find compelling. You need not list whole books if it comes from a collection that you can't defend as an entirety. You need not list books at all. Also, highly specialized lists are discouraged. Please feel free to include 4-6 specialized studies but be ready to discuss how these constitute "theory" and not just the application of a theory. Some advice for how to structure your application can be found here. PLEASE PUT UP A LIST YOU LOVE, NOT ONE YOU THINK WE WANT TO SEE. WE ARE TIRED OF THE SAME OLD THING EVERY LIST. YOUR LIST SHOULD REFLECT YOU. YOU DON'T HAVE TO AGREE WITH EVERY WORD BY AN AUTHOR ON YOUR LIST, BUT YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO SAY WHY YOU VALUE THE WORK NONETHELESS.

3. When you submit your list, you should expect to talk about the specific texts as well as the general theories they espouse. You are selecting the texts on the list, so we are assuming that these are the things you want to talk about. If you want to talk about something not on your list, consider putting it on your list. If you are not prepared to talk about something on your list, think about reviewing it before you apply as a courtesy to those of us who will ask you to discuss it, and not some time after. Do NOT, however, choose a list which you only address in the very narrow context of your personal research and not within its context. Context is important.

4. If you are applying and are not a "cultural" person but someone more scientific, please provide a list that represents how you want to be understood. Do NOT present a list of cultural theories and expect us to engage with you as a scientist. If you are an empiricist, then be an empiricist. There is nothing wrong with that.

5. Prepare to be deconstructed.

NOTE: During the application process, applicants may not link to another post (i.e. in their personal journal) in lieu of or as part of an answer to an inquiry on the application. This will lead to automatic rejection.

Stating the obvious: It is hard to choose 10. 10 is an arbitrary number. The whole idea is silly. And yet, you are here so 10 it must be.

**Your app will remain open for anywhere from 2 days to a week depending on your responses and then you will be put to the vote. If you are absent for more than 3 days without telling us, your application will be deleted and you will need to reapply. Your application will move to the bottom of the queue. We will not notify you as to when the voting procedure has begun. We vote when we feel we have read enough.**

Part of the defense process involves you answering questions that may or may not pertain directly to your list. Our job is to interrogate you. We are searching for people with knowledge, who are interesting, who can add to the community. Personality is important. If you are dismissive of the questions we may get a little snippy. You are applying for membership, after all. You should want to be our compadre or you shouldn't apply.

Disclaimer: Applicants whose membership is pending may not comment on any of the other posts in the community or post anything besides their list of books. Any prospective member who violates one or both of these rules will have their list frozen and their membership denied.

***Applicants who are not accepted in their first attempt may re-apply one more time if they meet the following conditions:

1. They must submit a list with at least 50% of the texts changed. It can be to your advantage to change texts (and sometimes entire authors) though changed texts may be by the same author as on the previous list. The post must also be title "Re-Application" or some appropriate variant.
2. They must wait at least 3 months before re-applying.
3. We must inform the candidate in their initial application that re-application is possible (i.e. we will vote on this as part of voting on the initial application).
4. Applicants may not bring up discussion from the first thread unless it is appropriate to the discussion at hand. We are free to ask you a similar question as one from the previous list if we feel there is more that could be said on the subject but any applicant who links to a discussion in the initial application as part of an answer or refers at all to that previous application will be summarily dismissed.***

We reserve the right to refuse anyone the right to re-apply. Those individuals who withdraw their application before it comes to a vote must seek permission from a moderator in order to re-apply.


Established Theoretical Hotties:

kataplexis, CEO of Resignification, Viscountess of Snark, and Theory Whip
poldyb, Lord of Misrule and Arbiter of Taste
fountaingirl, Keymaster and High Priestess of the Not-so-Secret Anti-Special Snowflake Society
knut_hamson, Earl of Twat and Duchess of Discourse
k_navit, Foucault's Cabin Boy
perpetua_redux, Destroyer of Dilettantes
writeswithyarn, Keeper of the A1 Sauce, Dungeonmaster of Unwanted Theory and Single Malt Scotch Triplet (ACTIVATE!)
doctorex, Demistriss of Definitions and Burgrave of Bourdieu (and Bordeaux)
max_ambiguity, Sir Viper Breath and Captain of the Cinema Studies Contingent
cheshcat, Microhistorian of the Left Thigh Bone
northop_fried, Assistant to the Captain of the Cinema Studies Contingent
uberconfused, Inspector General of Theoretical Credentials
melisser, Palatine of Theoretical Promiscuity and Wielder of the Composition Boner
zentiger, Concierge in Charge of Small Insults and Single Malt Scotch Triplet (ACTIVATE!)
owl_of_minerva, Theory Claus Coordinator Emeritus, Single Malt Scotch Triplet (ACTIVATE!), and Captain of the Philosophy Contingent
ceciliaj, Frankfurt Schoolmarm
snowspinner, Junior Lacanian Lackey and Tsar of Theoretical Mishmash
monkey02144, Resident Simian Simmelian
ichbinkelsey, ????
a_priori, Marquise of Grudging Analyticity and Principal Investigator of Neurogibberish

On Inactive Reserve:

apperception, Vice President in Charge of Extra-Curricular Applicant Stalking
mme_red, Wheel of Foucault Game Show Host
epistolarysmack, Pharaoh of Analytic Philosophy
pauldeman2pt0, [No title].

This community is dedicated in memoriam to phasma_aphanes and noodletreatise. They were both good mods and we will miss them.

Best wishes to elricmelnibone. He was a better place holder than William Henry Harrison.

You are missed, poldyb. Come back soon. NEVERMIND! YOU ARE BACK!